Lee Gjertsen Malone


As a freelance journalist I’ve written about everything from the banking crisis to cheese making to the state of our coastal waters for a wide range of publications. I’ve also contributed to business books, written educational materials for children, and guest-blogged on a variety of topics.

Here are some examples of my work:

Learn how astronauts deal with illness in space in the March 2019 issue of MUSE.

Scout Cambridge has two articles of mine in the June issue, one on a local Valentine’s for the Homeless project started by Emily Raymond and the other on the Cambridge Legal Defense Fund for Immigrants.

A piece on the psychology of attributing breeds to mixed breed dogs will appear in the January 2018 edition of MUSE.

I wrote about insurance for medical and recreational cannabis in the December edition of the Risk Retention Reporter.

My article on live music permits is in the July/August 2017 issue of Scout Cambridge.

I wrote about the implications of the financial problems in Puerto Rico for the June edition of Risk Retention Reporter.

The January 2017 edition of MUSE magazine will feature a piece I wrote about the Positive Lexicography Project.

My article on the future of the transportation industry will appear in the October Risk Retention Reporter.

The September/October Edition of Scout Cambridge has several of my reviews of local businesses as part of its annual “Scout’s Honored” awards.

The June Risk Retention Reporter has my profile of United Educators and its CEO, Janice Abraham.

The May/June edition of Scout Cambridge has two stories written by me, including one on the Cambridge Book Bike, and one about cool stuff for Cambridge dog owners.

My story on cacao farming in the Dominican Republic will appear in the April 2016 issue of FACES.

On November 1, 2015, the Boston Globe Magazine published my perspective piece on kids and food policing.

The October issue of MUSE has a short piece I wrote about why we hiccup!

In September, an article I wrote about biofuels appeared in MUSE magazine.

The June edition of the Risk Retention Reporter has my latest story on an ongoing criminal investigation involving a former insurance executive in Maryland.

You can also check out the May/June issue of MUSE to see my photo essay about the MIT Game Lab.

In February 2015 I interviewed author Eve Ainsworth for the Sweet Sixteen blog about her young adult novel, SEVEN DAYS.

Odyssey magazine’s January 2015 edition includes a story I wrote about Hack the Hood, a non-profit organization that teaches inner-city kids how to design Web sites for local businesses, and my article on 3D food printing came out in the February issue.

In November and December I covered the difficulties faced by the Philadelphia taxicab market in the wake of two high-profile insurance company failures for  the Risk Retention Reporter.

The September 2014 issue of Odyssey, a science magazine for children age 10 to 14, has my article on making your own satellite camera. I also interviewed Dr. Chris Reddy, a senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, for the April 2014 issue.

I wrote about an ongoing effort to change medical malpractice insurance laws in Wisconsin for the March, 2014 edition of the Risk Retention Reporter.

In April 2012 I wrote reading comprehension passages for fifth graders as part of the Rhode Island Interim Assessment tests, based on the Common Core Standards.

In June 2012, I contributed four chapters to the book “Corporate Disasters: What Went Wrong and Why,” published by the Gale Group.

I interviewed Steve Kinion, director of the bureau of captive and financial insurance products at the Delaware Department of Insurance or the September 2012 issue of the Risk Retention Reporter.

I profiled Laurie Krupa, head of Global Wealth & Investment Management, at Bank of America for Financial Planning Magazine on February 26, 2011.